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Trim Nozzles for all uses

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For trim nozzles we have two experienced business partners:
The market leader Gatewood and the think tank LS-Systeme. In cooperation we can offer you a complete assortment of products which can be used to offer you solutions tailored to your individual needs.

SJ- Ceramics
SJ - Pyrexglas
SJ - Ruby
SJ - Stainless Steel
SJ -Stainless Steel

Single Jet Nozzles
Stainless steel

Double Jet Nozzles Stainless steel

Single Jet Nozzles
Insert: Pyrexglas

Single Jet Nozzles
Insert: Ceramics

Single Jet Nozzles
Insert: Ruby

DJ - Ruby

Double Jet Nozzles
Insert: Ruby

Triple Jet Nozzles
Insert: Ruby

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