Thune Automatic Wire/Felt Guiding System.

If a felt/wire gets out of control, the cost for the damaged wire/felt is really not the main problem. Main issue is rather the costs related to loss of production and und planed machine downtime. Customers world wide have showed great confidence in the reliable, dependable and affordable Thune Guiding System. Thune Guides are installed in paper machines all over the world and more than 13.000 units have been sold since 1966.


The Thune Cassette Guide

Nevertheless, we are now happy to introduce the Thune Cassette Guide which is based on the same well proven,
dependable and reliable Thune technology. The aim is to shorten the maintenance downtime, increase capability
and lower lifetime costs.


Thune Cassette Guide                                                         The Cassette


- The guide roll is secured in the guide frame with to safety bolts during maintenance. It is not necessary to
 remove guide roll during maintenance work.

- Standard hardened exchangeable guide rails improves horizontal load capability and reduces wear considerably. 

- Cassette design enables quick and simple wear part exchange.


Principle of guiding                                                            Guide position ”rule of thumb”


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